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Bent parquet Bentline

Bent parquet Bentline

History of curved flooring Bentline

Bent parquet — our successful attempt to carry out revolution in the market of a parquet.

We wanted to create something completely new, unlike any existing product. And we did it.

Bent parquet Bentline

Bent flooring Bentline was released in 2010. His presentation was held at the exhibition ARCH-Moscow-2010. Visitors of the exhibition were delighted — they liked the new unusual product.

Bent parquet Bentline

Enormous creative potential

Bent parquet is the best solution for oval and curved walls.

use curved parquet flooring to highlight certain areas in the interior or even connect the walls to the floor.

Unique patented product

Bent parquet — patented technology that has no analogues in the world. It is available exclusively to customers of the Bentline manufactory. Your guests will be surprised-this floor

you will not meet every day. You can be sure that the product will impress the most discerning guest.

Any color

the Unique finish coating systems of varnishes, oils and paints allow You to fit a massive superbase Board in any color scheme.

Colors are chosen by the method of successive approximations, which guarantees 100% compliance with your expectations.

Completed project

Bent parquet Bentline
Bent parquet Bentline
Bent parquet Bentline
Bent parquet Bentline
Bent parquet Bentline

Ideal quality

all Bentline products meet the highest quality standards and will last you decades.

This is achieved through quality raw materials, advanced equipment and strict quality control at every stage of production.

Bent plinth Bentline

Columns, podiums and curvilinear walls have become integral parts of the modern interior. But what if you want hardwood floors, be limited to the cheapest and most flexible skirting?

we have a solution — bent plinth Bentline. He to repeat exactly the desired curve, made of 100% solid wood. Can be produced in any color, size and with any coating.

Bentline-dream floor

that will last decades, will be to please you and your loved ones.