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Bent bentline skirting Board

Bent bentline skirting Board

Skirting Board repeating any bend

Columns, podiums and curvilinear walls have become integral parts of the modern interior.

but what if you want a wooden floor, limited to cheap flexible skirting Board?

we have a solution — bent plinth Bentline.

Bent bentline skirting Board

Bent plinth Bentline

Curved plinth Bentline 100% consists of an array of valuable breeds of wood.

It is produced by a special technology that ensures 100% compliance of the bending product in your room.

Ideal quality

all Bentline products meet the highest quality standards and will last you decades.

This is achieved through quality raw materials, advanced equipment and strict quality control at every stage of production.

Always on order only

the Bent plinth is made only to order, after detailed measurements of a bend and coordination with the customer of visual preferences.

we specialize in the design and manufacture of products of wood, so you will be available any wood species, any form, finishing and colors.

Impeccable service

Bentline's Principle is to give customers not only the perfect quality, but also impeccable service.

a spacious showroom is open for you in the center of Moscow. There you will find experienced managers, whose goal is to ensure that the selection process of the products has passed to you as comfortable as possible.